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The majority of the ideas for Variant Books are created in-house by Variant staff, who then approach the appropriate writers, experts and bloggers to write the book itself. We currently have approximately a dozen projects "in development" in a variety of topics ranging from self-help to alternative lifestyle/fetish to art and political activism.

However, because Variant publishes books on highly specialized subjects targeted at small niche markets, we are more open than most publishers to newer authors and "speculative" manuscripts and proposals. We are particularly interested in working with writers who already have a successful blog on a unique topic with an established readership.

If you are interested in submitting a book proposal to Variant, email for submission guidelines. PLEASE NOTE: For your protection and ours, you must email us for submission guidelines before sending any book ideas This is important, because generating book ideas is a big part of what we do. That means we may already have your idea in development, and we wouldn’t want you or anyone to think that we got that idea from your query letter! For this reason, material submitted without requesting submission guidelines first will be deleted unread and not responded to.

Please note also that Variant Books currently only publishes non-fiction “how to” books on specialized "alternative" topics such as self-help, GLBT, counterculture, art, music, fetish or just about any other topic that's of specific interest to a unique group of people.


To receive a copy of the current submission guidelines, email, subject line "Submission Guidelines."






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