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The Spanking Series by Vivian

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This website deals with consensual adult spanking only.

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Add to Cart How to Get the Spanking You Want Book I - How to Get the Spanking You Want: The Complete Guide to Asking for It, Getting It & Making It Better
$ 12.95
Add to Cart How to Give a Spanking Book II - How to Give a Spanking: Advice from the Receiving End
$ 12.95
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Save over 20% with our SPECIAL VALUE BUNDLE!

Get both How to Give a Spanking & How to Get the Spanking You Want for one low price.

Add to Cart  What He Wants

Book III - What He Wants: A Man's Seven Secret Spanking Desires

Add to Cart  Get It All Bundle


Get instant downloads of the complete trilogy, How to Get a Spanking, How to Give a Spanking, What He Wants, PLUS The Little Book of Spanking Stories, for one low price. Purchased separately, total cost for all four books is $41.80.

Add to Cart  The Little Book of Spanking Stories

The Little Book of Spanking Stories, Vol. I (by Vivian)

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